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S/P2 Automotive Service Bundle

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S/P2 Automotive Service includes valuable information to help keep automotive service technology professionals safe and environmentally compliant in the shop environment—helping all of your staff train and comply with EPA and OSHA training guidelines.


S/P2’s online training gives your technicians and staff the awareness they need to recognize the hazards around them. In addition to safety and pollution prevention training, S/P2 provides additional personal and professional development courses to help your staff be the best they can be.


Protect your shop! Protect your staff! Protect yourself!


S/P2 Automotive Service includes the following courses:

  • S/P2 Automotive Service Safety (3.5 hours)
  • S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution Prevention (1.5 hours)
  • S/P2 Supervisor’s Course (45 minutes)
  • NEW! S/P2 Electric Vehicle Safety (40 minutes)
  • Ethics and YOU in the Automotive Industry (50 minutes)
  • Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings (15 minutes)
  • Fill That Job! Recruiting and Interviewing (35 minutes)


Train ALL your staff under one roof for one full year for only $399!


Note: Times listed are audio times.