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S/P2 Welding Bundle: School Credential Edition

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The S/P2 Welding course educates students on the potential hazards and pitfalls specific to the practice of welding. Before they enter the shop, make sure they understand safety fundamentals. From Safety Data Sheets to proper personal protective equipment to understanding the dangers of welding gases, S/P2 has student safety awareness covered. 


S/P2’s online training gives your students the awareness they need to recognize the hazards around them, as well as providing training on skills that are desirable to employers. The bundle also includes an exclusive industry credential and additional personal and professional development courses to help students find and retain successful careers in the welding industry, including building a resume and interview skills.


S/P2 Welding includes the following courses:

  • S/P2 Welding (5.25 hours)
  • Land That Job: Building a Resume (15 minutes)
  • Land That Job: Interview Skills for Welding Students (25 minutes)
  • Ethics and YOU In the Welding Industry (36 minutes)
  • Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings (15 minutes)
  • Exclusive Credential: WD-40: Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment (30 minutes)


Train ALL your students under one roof for one full year for only $399!


Note: Times listed are audio times.